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Training Sessions and Tools

Project partners held various information sessions in the three countries (Belgium, France, Italy) to mainstream prevention and protection against FGM. Targets included women, girls, men and boys of different generations, areas and communities.


In addition, project partners organised trainings to key professionals and stakeholders.  The common aim was to work on sensitization and awareness-raising on FGM, to increase the effectiveness of referral systems, as well as to provide tailored knowledge and expertise to improve support for women and girls with, or at risk of, FGM.

These sessions focused on FGM, human rights and empowerment for women victims or at risk, each with a specific thematic orientation: medical, legal and psycho-social support and assistance.  Thus, the target was medical staff (i.e. pediatricians, gynecologists, obstetricians, etc.), legal professionals, members of refugee commissions, women’s shelters and associations of migrant women.

While each session was focused on a specific thematic aspect (medical, legal or psycho-social support), the trainings were all guided by a holistic and sustainable approach to help women who have undergone FGM with multidisciplinary care (covering medical, psychological, legal and social issues). This was combined with another crucial dimension: the necessity to take into account the individual specificities of each victim’s history and suffering.

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