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BEFORE project
Best practices to Empower women against Female genital mutilation, Operating for Rights and legal Efficacy

Contributing to an increased efficacy of the legal and policy framework to prevent and combat FGM in Belgium, France and Italy.

The project contributed with a multidisciplinary approach to: improve methodologies to measure prevalence; strengthen protection and support to victims; implement and enforce legislation preventing and combating FGM. It builds on existing good practices and is developed in Belgium, France and Italy. 

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No Peace Without Justice


No Peace Without Justice works with women’s rights activists across the world to target FGM and other forms of GBV. It conducts campaigns at national and international level, advocates for the implementation of specific and effective legislation to provide legitimacy, protection and essential legal tools.

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La Palabre


La Palabre is an association of migrant women operating in Belgium and Senegal. It focuses on sensitization and awareness raising on FGM at all levels, especially targeting youth and migrant communities, providing information on medical and legal issues and on referral procedures for FGM prevention, working as well in schools, as a way of reaching parents and families.

Differenza Donna


Since 1989, DD has developed networks with public actors, CSOs and women’s associations at the local, national and international level. It runs three women’s shelters in Rome, providing support, including legal, to more than 25,000 women and more than 50,000 children victims of GBV, including FGM.  It also implements capacity-building activities for professionals from the statutory sector, to ensure the implementation of good practices in addressing women with specific gender needs, such as migrants and refugees and women with disabilities.

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Institut de Santé Génésique
Women Safe


WS/ISG (France) provides interdisciplinary support, including psychological and legal support, the possibility of surgical repair and processes to reconstruct sexuality to women victims of FGM. Its further objectives are: (a) the identification of new protocols in identifying and treating GBV; (b) training for professionals involved in addressing GBV. It cooperates with experts for the protection of the human rights of women, informing women about their rights.

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