Many international instruments firmly condemn FGM as a violation of human rights and a form of gender-based violence. Yet, it is still practiced. 


This is the context in which the BEFORE project was born:


Women and girls

subjected to FGM

in the EU 

*EP Resolution 2012/2684(RSP)


Women and girls at risk in the EU 

*EP Resolution 2012/2684(RSP)

+200 million*

Women and girls have undergone FGM in at least 30 countries




EU countries in which FGM is illegal. Still, it continues to take place


The Istanbul Convention 

recognises FGM as a human rights violation, a form of gender-based violence and a major obstacle to the achievement of equality, and 

calls on signatories to criminalise it


The UN General Assembly

calls for

FGM to be banned worldwide with Resolution 67/146 


European Parliament Resolutions (2001, 2012, 2018, 2020) to end FGM 


Harmonised database on FGM prevalence at the EU level 

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